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How Common Is Insider Data Theft?

Protecting your company against insider data theft is essential to maintain your corporate reputation and to continue your ongoing business operations. Understanding the risks associated with insider data misappropriation and working with a cyber security investigation company can help you manage your proprietary and confidential information more effectively in the modern marketplace.

What Is Insider Data Theft?

Data breaches occur when those outside a company or organization penetrate the cyber security of that business to steal information or cause damage to data. Insider data theft, however, is committed by current or former employees of the company and may involve malicious intent or simple misunderstanding about what data can and cannot be shared with outside parties.

A Growing Problem

On October 25, 2017, the Identity Theft Resource Center released figures regarding data breaches in the U.S. covering January to October 2017, indicating that more than 171 million records had been exposed in 1,120 data breaches. Many of these incidents are attributable to the deliberate or accidental actions of current and former employees of the companies affected by these data breaches.

How Common Is Insider Data Theft?

According to a 2017 survey by Crowd Research Partners, insider data theft represents a serious threat for most organizations. More than half of all responding companies indicated that they had experienced insider data theft or cyber attacks by current or former employees over the last year. About 90 percent of those responding said they felt vulnerable to insider attacks. Taking steps to protect your company against insider threats can help you prevent damage to your corporate reputation and data breaches that could affect your financial bottom line.

Risk Factors for Modern Businesses

Some of the most common risk factors reported by those participating in the survey included the following:

  • Increased complexity of information and security measures
  • The growing popularity of mobile devices and their use in accessing sensitive information
  • Too many employees with easy access to confidential data and proprietary information

Taking steps to control access to sensitive information and instituting policies regarding the use of smartphones and tablets in the work environment can help you curb the risk of Houston intellectual property theft within your company. Working with a company that specializes in cyber security can ensure that you are protected against these serious threats to your confidential and proprietary information.

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