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For businesses that are struggling to get their remote employees connected, have no remote access solution in place or have an inadequate solution, this is an excellent, secure solution for you.


Gateway (unique cloud network & connection point)


Contract Term

# of cloud gateways (unique networks)

*If you need to connect to multipe networks, we will give you a custom price.

Minimum # of users

(minimum is set by platform provider not LCG)

Max. # of zero-trust applications (including zero-trust remote desktop) for agentless remote access

Activity Logs

Fully managed by cybersecurity experts

Unlimited Remote Desktop Access with third party RDP client

User-centric, zero-trust, policy-driven access

Zero-trust application access

Work from anywhere, securely

Defense against Unsecured Wi-Fi

Geographically diverse gateways (cloud connection points)

2+ Layers of Authentication

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Accountability

Single Sign-On Capabilities

ISO27001:2013 and SOC2 Type II Compliant

Plan 1 - Essentials


$50/month (for up to 100 users)






14 days

Plan 2 - Premium



$50/month (for up to 100 users)






30 days


Month-to-Month Service

This service is our response to help businesses during the pandemic response. When its over and your workforce returns to the office, you can end the service, or keep it going if you find continued value. Our mission is to protect every business that asks us for help.

Fully managed by cybersecurity experts

Remote access solutions are not something we typically offer to Clients. However, after activating our own business continuity plan during the pandemic response,  watching businesses struggle to decentralize and monitoring daily cyber threat intelligence that showed increased activity by cybercriminals, we decided decided that it was appropriate for our cybersecurity and risk management professionals to offer more than consulting services. Therefore, we opened up this technology solution to Clients to ensure their businesses stay safe while the workforce is working from less-secure home/remote environments.

Agentless Remote Desktop

Remote access to your company desktop or server  tends to benefit distributed workforces. However, remote desktop connections can be cumbersome for non-technical users and even unsecure if improperly configured. Our solutions simplifies the remote desktop solution by securely connecting you the remote desktop right within your web browser. Of course, you can still utilize the remote desktop client on  your computer when connected to your network through the VPN client.

User-centric as opposed to perimeter-centric

Organizations that grant full network access to anyone with credentials risk their data by default, as a permissive access model neglects gaps in security that occur when numerous connections are remote. Zero Trust is the solution because it reduces the attack surface with authentication occurring first based on user ID, their device, and other contextual attributes. Instead of defining a person's access based on whether they are "inside" or "outside" the company network (broad), this system defines it based on who they are and what they have permission too access (concept of least privilege).

Zero-Trust application access

Zero-Trust is a concept based on the principle of least privilege. Zero-Trust assumes no person, device, or access is trustworthy unless explicitly granted. The principle of least privilege dictates that a person should only be granted access to resources that they need to perform their duties. Our remote access service operates on both principles. We will configure access to your environment according to your wishes, however, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the built-in zero-trust model.

Work from anywhere, securely

It is good practice to utilize a VPN to encrypt your communications when traveling or simply when you are utilizing wi-fi of unknown or questionable security.  This services comes with  a single-click VPN client for connectivity to your cloud gateway, which secures your communications no matter where you are (e.g. coffee shop, library, home, etc.) for all Internet-bound traffic. Surf the web and send email without worry - from your laptop or cell phone.

A Secure Network as a Service (VPN Alternative)

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are an essential part of safe networking, as they require employees to first log into a mobile, web, or desktop application that then creates an encrypted tunnel between their device and the resources they need to do their jobs. NaaS (Network as a Service) is the evolution of this idea and incorporates additional critical features such as more precise user segmentation, Secure Web Gateway and policy-driven controls.

Defense Against Unsecured Wi-Fi

One of the biggest gaps in security that occurs when remoteness becomes a central theme in network access is public Wi-Fi, or simply unsecured Wi-Fi. Many employees will work from home, cafes, or places where the internet connection is less secure than if they were at the office, so the Wi-Fi security approach taken by organizations must account for this threat and act accordingly. Surveys show that over 60% of people believe their connections are safe when connected to public Wi-Fi, despite evidence to the contrary.

Geographically Diverse Data Solutions

Concentrating a virtual private network and security solution in one physical location will not suffice for larger organizations or geographically disperse companies with many remote employees. Gateways (your cloud connection points) are available throughout the US which reduces latency and increases productivity for the entire organization.

2+ Layers of Authentication

Requiring employees to authenticate themselves more than once is some of the easiest solution to achieve strong network securityy, as it ties network access to the proper credentials but also the employee’s personal mobile device. This is a very easy safety net to install, and at the very least, the network security model employed should include the Google Authenticator application or SMS.

Activity Logging

All access is logged in the cloud platform. If you ever have a question about who accessed your network and what they accessed, we can provide that information to you.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Accountability

Most modern devices are capable of connecting to a remote network and being used for work, and with employees using a wide selection of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it doesn’t pay to be narrow-minded when it comes to security. The best network security solutions cover all endpoints with the same efficiency and agility.

Single Sign-On Capabilities

Integrate this solution with your current identity provider, such as Azure Active Directory.

ISO27001:2013 and SOC2 Type II certified cloud platform

LCG is a tool-agnostic firm, meaning, we evaluate, verify and select the best tools and platforms to accomplish the mission at hand. The platform we are using to deliver this remote access solution has been certified as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC2 Type II compliant.


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