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Global Risk Management

At the core of Global Risk Management is aligning resources, both human and capital, with solutions mitigating risks and threats to people, property & operations, brand  and reputation on behalf of our clients. Yes, we have assets around the globe, the same principles apply to local businesses. 

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When you need to know what happened, you need experienced investigators. We bring great value to our clients in the investigative arena because our experts (trained and experienced from decades in law enforcement) work side-by-side with our computer forensics lab. We will find the best evidence, in analog or digital form, and present it well in writing and through testimony, to help you prosecute or defend your case - no matter the concern.  

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Managed IT Services

Outsourcing the management of your information systems adds our disciplined team of experts to your team for a fixed cost. How much time and money do you currently spend with IT vendors? Are you always behind when trying to keep your systems up to date or keeping your employees up and running? Managed IT is a customizable service, based on your needs, and it can be a great investment in your overall security model because it means continuous monitoring and quick response to technology issues.

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Cybersecurity concerns led you to this site. We want you to realize the benefit of working with a firm that can shift gears to address the issue at hand. Data breaches, fraud, trade secret theft - whatever the issue - doesn't happen in a vacuum. A ransomware response might require computer forensic experts to preserve evidence, or experienced IT professionals to reconfigure and harden a network after cybersecurity professionals find the vulnerabilities that lead to the breach. And a broader view of risk management might be the best way to address your overall security needs.  

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