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Surveys* show that up to 70% of business value is based on intellectual property. Other surveys point out that up to 50% of departing employees admit to stealing their employer’s intellectual property. And that the average time it takes to detect and recover stolen intellectual property is around 185 days.

Loss of intellectual property is the loss of business value. Intellectual property protection is expensive, time consuming, and fraught with compromise. Isn’t it time that you stopped employee data theft and intellectual property theft in its tracks?

LCG’s Intelligent Protection Framework takes out the cost, complexity and compromise associated with employee data theft and intellectual property protection. The Intelligent Protection Framework brings what you need to protect your company’s valuable assets by giving you the right information, insight and preparation at the right time.

The Intelligent Protection Framework has three primary components—each designed to address strategic and practical challenges associated with employee data theft—Intelligent Discovery, TENiOTM, and the Intelligent Protection Services.

  • Intelligent Discovery brings defensible collection and preservation of digital media with rock solid chain-of-custody and easy co-existence with third party vendors or in-house processes.
  • TENiO leads the industry in risk assessment and reporting, designed to alert corporate leadership to insider data theft in as little as 72 hours.
  • Intelligent Protection Services ensures that you have the strategy, detailed investigation, reporting and expert testimony you need.

Protecting intellectual property is protecting the business. It’s that simple.

In the time you’ve read this, chances are an employee has thought about or actually taken some of your business’ intellectual property and value. The Intelligent Protection Framework, only from LCG Discovery Experts, puts you ahead of this problem right now. Contact LCG Discovery Experts to learn how to preserve business value by eliminating cost, complexity and compromise when it comes to employee data theft and IP protection.

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