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Are you ready to file a certificate of compliance? Submissions are due by April 15th!

Your 2021 Action Plan: 

  • Start planning for 2021 deadlines now
  • Conduct a Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and/or Penetration Test (as determined by your exemption status)
  • Fix the vulnerabilities in your systems
  • Conduct due diligence on your Third Party Service Providers
  • Review and update your cybersecurity program accordingly 
  • Keep good records

Just for BIG I New York Members


By being a member in good standing with BIG I New York, you are able to take advantage of great benefits, such as:

  • A 5% discount on ALL of our cybersecurity services (including incident response).
  • A 5% discount on ALL of our non-cybersecurity services such as Risk Management and Investigations (including financial investigations, computer forensics and expert witness testimony).
  • A competitive advantage through peace-of-mind security that allows you to stay focused on your business.
  • Access to vetted cybersecurity services to present to your customers will make you stand out among the competition.

"In my 41 years of being in business I never worked with a more knowledgable diligent company to provide the services we expected. I highly recommend LCG to anyone who needs help fulfilling DFS Cyber Security requirements." Carl N. Maranto | President, Consolidated Insurance Agents, Inc. | Williamsville, NY

"There are many players in this space, but they aren't all equal. We're proud that BIG I NY members have access to the high-quality support, protection and compliance tools that LCG provides. And, our relationship grants every agency, from the smallest to the largest, a meaningful discount." Lisa Lounsbury | President & CEO, BIG I New York | Dewitt, NY


We offer a range of services for any size insurance agency and any budget. As a member of BIG I NY you receive great discounts on expert services. We look forward to serving you.

For Limited Exempt Covered Entities

High-value, reasonably priced cybersecurity risk assessment to make compliance with 7 provisions of the the NY DFS regulation easy.

For Non-Exempt Covered Entities

Our Managed Security Services, such as  vulnerability management, managed detection and response, managed security awarness training, vCISO and more, keep you compliant with all of the NY DFS requirements.

For All Entities

From risk assessments and managed data loss prevention to penetration testing and vulnerability assessments we can assist with all of your cybersecurity and compliance needs.

Free Tools

Good documentation is critical to proving that you conducted adequate due diligence and due care if challenged. All of our tools provide you the option to create a free PDF report with the push of a button, which can be filed with your cybersecurity program records.



Educational Guide to the NY State Cybersecurity Regulation

An interactive tool that shows you the parts of the regulation that apply to your business based on your entity status. The guide includes commentary from LCG to help you learn.

Internal Risk Asessment Starter

Self-Assessment tool developed in cooperation with BIG I NY. The tool will elevate your awareness about your cyber-readiness and aid in strategy and budget planning. It is a great starting point.

Identify Your Third Party Service Providers 

A convenient way to create and organize a list of your Third Party Service Providers.  If LCG is managing the third party due diligence process for you, this form is used to provide us the required information.

Third Party Service Provider Questionnaire

Have yout been identified as a Third Party  Service Provider? Do you want to create a consistent response to requests for information about your cybersecurity program? If so, this tool makes it easy. Developed in cooperation with BIG I NY.

Other Resources

Links to additional information about the NY Regulation and insurance-specific topics. By clicking on the links below a new browser window will open to the external resources.



BIG I New York Cybersecurity Resource website


Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Resource Center


Read or download the NY Cybersecurity Regulation




Cybersecurity News

Keeping up on current events in the cybersecurity space is a great way to elevate your awareness about issues that may impact your business - for free! Enjoy the selection of trusted news sources we have assembled for you.

Cyber-Awareness Through Current Events

Disclaimer: Any references to "compliance," "comply," or "comply with," on this website are based on our perspective as cybersecurity professionals. We do not imply legal compliance because we are not lawyers. Ultimately the NY Department of Financial Services (DFS) will determine if an entity is legally compliant based on their efforts and adherence to the requirements set forth in the regulation. We rely on our expertise to interpret the technical requirements of the law, which could be determined inaccurate by DFS or a Court. Always seek advise from trusted and qualified legal and financial experts when interpreting any regulatory requirements or laws and your lawful compliance with respect to such laws.


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