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The Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Test will find the weaknesses in your information systems that can be exploited and cause damage to your business or your customers. But, they are of minimal value if you do not take action to fix the critical vulnerabilities. Our IT professionals will supplement yours or take remediation completely off your plate - either way, our risk assessment deliverables provide the remediation plan you need to get the job done. For really small agencies - check out Simple Cyber below, a service created just for you.



Simple Cyber


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What is Simple Cyber?

Simple Cyber is an IT service that gets right to the point by addressing three critical areas in your business:

  • Update your computers to the latest operating system version and security patches (we refer to this as patch management).
  • Ensure you are using your email as securely as possible.
  • Ensure that your firewall (if you have one) is properly configured.

The service is performed remotely by our IT professionals in most cases.

Who is Simple Cyber for?

Simple Cyber is for very small insurance agencies with a small number of computers and no network infrastructure. The process is an IT function that is designed to address three critical areas that will enhance your cyber-readiness. 

I qualify for a Limited Exemption, why can't I purchase Simple Cyber for less money than a Risk Assessment?

Simple Cyber does not scan an environment holistically for vulnerabilities, rather, it focusses on fixing/remediating three key components small business information systems - PC operating systems, email and firewall. The service is performed by qualified Information Technology professionals who work with our cybersecurity team. The Simple Cyber service is not adequate for agencies that employ several people, maintain servers and multiple computers. In those environments we need to focus on identifying vulnerabilities in your workstations, servers and network infrastructure that could harm your business if exploited.

Real-life example of our scanning and patching tools at work
  • Dashboard shows number and nature of vulnerabilities amongst a group of computers and servers.
  • Specific vulnerabilities for a single computer in the group due to an unpatched operating system.
  • After identifying the patches that need to be applied to fix the operating system vulnerabilities, we apply the appropriate patches to eliminate the vulnerabilities.
  • All of this is done remotely.

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Custom Remediation

(cost dependent upon scope)

5% Discount for BIG I Members

What is remediation and why does it matter?

Remediation is the process of implementing the appropriate controls or countermeasures to eliminate the vulnerabilities identified during a technical risk assessment process. It is a crucial step in securing your environment, reducing risk and achieving regulatory compliance. 

Who is this for?

Expert remediation services are for any agency that has completed a technical risk assessment process, such as a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment (entities qualifying for Limited Exemption) or a Vulnerability Assessment (non-exempt entities), or any agency that has completed a Penetration Test where vulnerabilities were identified.

How do we know what needs to be remediated?

We will tell you. Depending on the risk assessment process we conducted for you, we will provide one of two remediation plans:

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment includes an actionable but generic remediation plan that describes the critical vulnerabilities identified, which a competent IT person can use to implement the necessary controls, or
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests include actionable, "how-to" remediation plan and guide that describes all vulnerabilities with severity rankings that a competent IT person can follow to implement the necessary controls.

Both options include a post-remediation scan to ensure the controls have been properly implemented. We are happy to work with the IT professionals you currently employ or contract with or we can perform the remediation work directly with our own staff.


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