LCG Discovery Experts Announces TENiO™ Service Aimed at Early Detection of Insider Data Theft

PRESS RELEASE – LCG’s TENiO™ Assesses Risk of Insider Confidential Data Theft Before it Becomes an Expensive or Irreversible Problem.

LCG Discovery Experts, an industry leader in high-tech investigations and eDiscovery consulting, announced the introduction of TENiO™ today.

TENiO™ is a rapid, low-cost, early detection risk assessment solution designed to alert companies to existing or departing employee data theft possibilities. TENiO™ uses situational factors, technology, specialized skills and proprietary algorithms to deliver an easy-to-understand risk assessment scorecard. TENiO™ exposes potential risks and enables businesses to quickly determine next steps and corrective actions.

“The issue with insider data theft is that it often goes undetected until it becomes an expensive and sometimes irreversible problem,” said Mark Reid, Principal and Co-founder of LCG. “Our goal with TENiO™ is to provide businesses with a predictable, low-cost and fast solution to proactively identify and address potential data theft as early as possible. With TENiO™, companies are better equipped to protect their confidential information, while simultaneously reducing expense and potential reputational damage. TENiO™ is an effective offensive solution to a growing problem in corporations – and one that fits very well in our core services.”

About LCG Discovery Experts

LCG Discovery Experts, LLC is a recognized leader in digital forensics, high-tech investigations, e-discovery consulting and expert testimony. The company’s team of seasoned experts has extensive experience in preserving, analyzing and providing expert testimony on digital evidence from computers, networks and mobile devices. LCG assists top corporations and law firms across the U.S. and abroad with matters involving intellectual property and data theft, internal investigations, government inquiries, catastrophic events, white collar crimes, fraud and more. For more information on TENiO™, visit https://lcgdiscovery.com/cyber-forensic-risk-assessment/ or to learn more about LCG’s other services visit https://lcgdiscovery.com.

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TENiO™ is a trademark of LCG Discovery Experts, LLC in the United States


LCG Announces TENiO™: Identify Your Risk of Insider Data Theft

Time is money when it comes to insider theft of confidential data. When employees leave you need to ask: Did they walk out the door with the company’s secrets? Traditionally, it takes a company nearly three months to identify the problem, and longer to do something about it. If you only had timely access to the right information, and the right expertise to take action…

What is TENiO™?

LCG’s TENiO™ is the answer to this all-too-common business challenge. TENiO™ is a timely, easy-to-comprehend analysis of an employee’s circumstances in conjunction with reliable forensic indicators from the employee’s computer that correlate directly to the risk of theft of your company’s data. It is a tool for decision-makers.

With TENiO™, you will be able to:

  • Confidently decide if the facts justify the additional time, effort and expense of a broader investigation
  • Understand the risk even if you have NO forensic expertise
  • “See” the problem clearly with the TENiO™ Risk Assessment Report and decide what to do about it
  • Get timely information before a high risk situation drives costs up
  • Avoid overspending when the risk turns out to be low

LCG’s TENiO™ service includes the following:

  • Preliminary consultation to discuss the specifics of your situation
  • Preliminary forensic analysis
  • Comprehensive asset and chain of custody management reports upon request
  • TENiO Risk Assessment Report
  • One post-analysis phone call to discuss the report
  • 30-days secure evidence storage
  • Unmatched value in the industry for one low, fixed fee

LCG is committed to providing the absolute best forensics, investigations, e-discovery, consulting and testimony services to our industry leading clients. To learn more visit our TENiO™ web page or call us today.


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