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Houston Chronicle Asks LCG’s Perspective on the Astros Hacking Case

Ken Tisdel, LCG’s co-founder was interviewed recently by Evan Drellic of the Houston Chronicle for his perspective on the Astros hacking case. The case has garnered widespread attention, but for Ken, the case is similar to matters that his team works on daily in the corporate world.

“I can’t tell you how many cases we’ve gotten where a company will call and panic is awry and everybody’s running down the hallway saying, ‘We’re being hacked,’ ” said Tisdel, who works with a lot of energy and shipping companies and who offers a service that he said can help predict and prevent intellectual property from being taken before it happens. “The majority of the time it’s not hacking.

“Usually the first thing we ask is, ‘Who’d you let go recently?’ … We go from the investigative side and ask a lot of social questions. Because the majority of the time it’s social engineering that made the event happen and not hacking.”

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To see the full Houston Chronicle article, “Guilty plea just the beginning in Astros hacking case,” go here.


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