The E-Discovery Legal Process

E-discovery is an essential element in many investigations and legal proceedings. Understanding the e-discovery legal process can help you achieve the best results when dealing with lawsuits, courtroom proceedings and other activities on behalf of businesses and clients. Working with experienced digital forensic experts can provide you with the most effective e-discovery solutions for your legal firm or other corporate enterprise. Here are some basic facts about e-discovery in the modern business world.

What Is E-Discovery?

Just as traditional investigators compile physical evidence and clues in legal and criminal cases, cyber investigators are responsible for collecting electronic documents and data on behalf of their clients. The electronically stored information collected during these cyber forensic investigations may include website content, social media postings, voicemails, emails, video files and databases. Investigators typically look at time stamps, metadata and the properties of the files to determine author information and to protect the integrity of digitally collected evidence for use in and out of the courtroom setting.

How Does E-Discovery Work?

In general, e-discovery proceedings are initiated by a law firm, court official or private company. A general scope of discovery is established and search parameters are put in place to ensure that only the essential data is collected, stored and reviewed. Cyber security investigations personnel are given a list of relevant documents to identify and to secure on behalf of their clients. This data is then analyzed to determine its importance and to establish it as reliable and accurate for use in a court of law.

Why Is E-Discovery Necessary?

As more information is stored online, the need for professional digital forensic experts has increased exponentially for companies of all sizes. Electronic discovery can provide forensic evidence about criminal activities and can sift through large amounts of data to determine the most relevant information. This information can then be used to support litigators in pursuing lawsuits and legal actions and can provide actionable intelligence for companies interested in determining the source of issues with intellectual property and other unlawful appropriation of company data.

At LCG Discovery Experts, we offer full-service investigation services that encompass e-discovery and litigation support for corporate and legal clients. We work with your company or law firm throughout the process to ensure a clear chain of evidence that can be used in a court of law, allowing you to enjoy greater confidence when working with us. To learn more about our lineup of services, call us today at 855-524-9778. The team at LCG Discovery Experts is ready to take on your case and to find the evidence you need.



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