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Customer focused. Experience driven.

For over a decade, LCG has been successfully protecting and guiding Clients around the world through complex cyber forensic investigations, e-discovery and litigation. Following many years of Client successes and continued acquisition of amazing talent, LCG has grown into a full-service risk management, cybersecurity, business resiliency/recovery, investigations, and security consulting firm. We specialize in identifying external and internal risks to businesses or individuals, aligning resources with solutions to properly mitigate those risks, responding in times of crises, and investigating complex cyber, forensic, corporate and financial matters.


When risk demands action, LCG will be the first option, every time.


We protect our Clients during times of uncertainty by finding the right answers and guiding them to the best possible outcomes.


To honor God by being faithful servants to our employees, their families and our Clients while respecting the trust they place in us.

Executive Leadership

The LCG team brings decades of experience within military, law enforcement, corporate leadership and digital forensics to businesses, civil service, geopolitics, public policy and the legal community.  Our experience in addressing issues for our clients includes providing expert guidance in disaster response, corporate boardrooms, courtrooms and the halls of Congress, as well as unfriendly environments around the world and the increasingly hostile world of cyber-crime.  The LCG team is second to none and offers Clients solid solutions forged in the foundry of real-world experience.  When the unthinkable happens, our Clients have confidence that we already know how to respond.



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Our Clients hire us because we provide honest advice, excellent customer service, and winning solutions based on experience. The best way to find out how we can help you is to call us.

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